What We Do


Not everyone has the time, energy, or skill to create the content needed to support a business. We will write it for you! Whether it's a blog post, web page, client handout, press release, or simply an email, we have experience crafting copy that delivers. 

We have particular expertise in the following fields:

  • Pet training and behavior
  • Pet care and husbandry
  • Human and veterinary medicine
  • Science for the lay audience

More importantly, we excel at learning about your subject matter and translating it for the audience you need to reach. Unless your field is highly technical or incredibly obscure, we can write what you need. 

Line Editing

If you've written something that needs a bit of fine-tuning, we can help with that. Our editor has done line editing for hundreds of books, articles, web pages, brochures, and other marketing materials for a range of audiences on numerous topics.

Copy Editing

If you've reached the final stages of the writing process and just need someone to make sure everything is pristine, copy editing is what you seek. We will quickly master your style rules and apply them uniformly to your work, while catching any small mistakes that might have slipped through the cracks. 


If you struggle to write effectively, we provide coaching over email, phone, or Skype. We will also do in-person coaching within 10 miles of West Philadelphia. Before starting a coaching session, we will ask for a few samples of your work and a list of the kinds of content you most often need to write.

Coaching is available for anyone high-school-aged or older. It's never too late to learn!

Who We Serve


If you're too busy running your business to write for your business, let us help. Fresh Start Writing will help businesses with:

  • Web content
  • Brochures and other marketing materials
  • Blog posts
  • E-newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Anything else that needs to be written that you don't have time for

Job Seekers

Has the prospect of polishing your resume or writing the perfect cover letter kept you up at night? We understand how hard it can be to "sell yourself" to prospective employers. We will talk to you about your skills, career goals, and work history, and collaborate with you to make the job search easier. Ask us for help with: 

  • Resumes or CVs
  • Cover letters
  • LinkedIn or other professional profiles

High School, College, and Graduate Students

Before you get too excited, we will not do your homework for you. However, we can coach students to help make their writing more effective, and we are happy to edit your completed assignments for spelling, grammar, and flow. We work with students from high school through graduate school to help with any written assignment, including:  

  • College application essays
  • Research papers
  • Lab reports
  • Funding proposals
  • Dissertations/senior theses
  • Creative writing assignments

In short, if you need to write it, we can help you with it. Contact us for more information.