Guest Post: The Blogger's Mother Writes

I’ve been severely neglecting this poor blog. A very busy summer was followed by a relatively quiet fall, during which I allowed myself a much-needed break. That was interrupted by ankle surgery (more on that soon). In this midst of all that, blog maintenance fell by the wayside. While I work on a post about my surgery experience – I swear, we’ll get back to grammar soon – I have a guest post for you! My mom, also a wonderful writer, wrote this for me a number of months ago, and I was excited to share it, but then…busy summer, peaceful fall, surgery…excuses, excuses, I know. But here it is. Reading it again inspired me to sit down and do some writing of my own. I hope it does the same for you.

Enjoy! (And yes, I proofread it for her. I’m happy to report I did nothing but add a hyphen and remove those pesky post-period double spaces. Mom’s a pro.)

The Blogger‘s Mother Writes

Why bother to write if you don’t have to? Someone else can do it for you, and better than you can.

And writing can be such a trial. Suddenly, in front of the screen or the paper, you have nothing important to say. Or you have very important things to say, but the right words went out for coffee and left you mumbling.

Stop stopping yourself! When you require yourself to write, no excuses, wonderful things will happen. I promise.

The act of sitting down to write slows your pace. Sure, you can get up and clean the cat box, but sooner or later you must return to the scene of the challenge.

Writing is an adventure in self-discovery. Ideas, feelings, memories — some come leaping and singing across the stage, some hide behind the curtain, but either way this play is about you. 

Writing changes your perspective on life. You learn from sitting down and viewing it, not just being swept along in its current. 

Someone said that we each have three deaths. First, the heart stops. Soon after, the second death: the body is consigned to the fire or the earth. But the third death comes much later. It is the last time that someone speaks your name.

When you write a letter to someone, or a simple diary of your days, or something much grander — an article for publication, even a novel — you defeat the third death. You leave something of yourself for others to hold close. 

And, I might add, The Blogger will help your writing be more true to you and your intent. She will help your writing shine. I am about to send this to her right now, for that very purpose.